Conscious Consumption - Why Less Is More

With the advent of the internet, we have more access to an unlimited supply or products at our fingertips. Technology has brought us all together, and provided a great place for like minded individuals, knowledge, and content. It has never truly been easier to swipe, purchase, and buy any product that we want. However, it can truly be a double edged sword.

These two in combination with our ‘influencer culture’ has made fast fashion the centerfold of modern consumer behavior. In order to keep up, fast fashion has relied on a highly polluted unsustainable supply chain. This supply chain often produces clothing that is low quality and contributes heavily to our overall greenhouse gas emissions. 8 -10% of greenhouse gas emissions are directly related to the fashion industry, with 70 million barrels of oil being used to produce the clothing that we wear each year. Throwing away these clothes also contributes additionally to our greenhouse gasses. A typical life cycle of fast fashion garments end in landfill or are incinerated. Fast fashion relies on quick turn over rates for clothing resulting in garments made of synthetic polymers that produce microplastics as part of the degradation process. Ultimately, these pollutants are released into the surrounding environment and become health hazards to wildlife and eventually human beings.

However, there is also a counter culture that is emerging as the antithesis to the ‘fast fashion’ movement. A desire for sustainability. One of the core tenets of sustainability is conscious consumption.

Simply put, conscious consumption is making more educated decisions on your purchases to help reduce your overall environmental impact on the planet. Whether that is through choosing to become a minimalist, choosing to follow a flexitarian/vegetarian diet, investing in green cleaning practices or choosing to purchase high quality products that last a longer period of time and are biodegradable.

So how can you become a more conscious consumer?

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